Cancellation Policy

  1. Annual subscription fees are non-refundable.
  2. On registration, the vendor confirms that all his/her entered details are accurate, complete and truthful. The vendor undertakes to keep the information provided in his/her registration form up to date. If such information is found to be false, incorrect or out of date, Hello Grahakk may block or discontinue the vendor’s access to Hello Grahakk services.
  3. On sales return Hello Grahakk, the share of the commission shall not be refunded as the customer is getting instant rewards.
  4. On cancellation of vendor subscription, Hello Grahakk will deposit the amount against balance reward points lying in vendor’s account after deducting the minimum balance i.e. Rs 1000/- and verification of vendors overall performance.
  5. On sales return your rewards points will get cancelled.
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