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JU Business Booster Private Limited

Hello Grahakk is a Business Service Provider working under the name of JU Business Booster Private Limited, private limited Company incorporate under Companies Act 2013.

For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, JU Business Booster Private Limited will be referred to as “Hello Grahakk” and / or “Company” and / or “Us”, and Customer will be referred to as “Customer” and / or “You”.

In the process of carrying out its activities, Hello Grahakk is obliged to protect Your personal data. This policy sets out the process by which we protect, process and use Your personal data. By agreeing to the terms of the Privacy Policy, You consent to the processing, collection and use of Your personal information in accordance with the terms set out in the Privacy Policy.

Collection of Personal Data

Hello Grahakk collects Your personal information when You visit the Company’s website and/or use the Company’s services through its mobile application. We need information about You such as: name, address, email address, phone number and other information necessary for the company to provide You with the Services. We reserve the right to request proof of Your identity and address documentations.

We keep track of Your browser, IP address, email/electronic notifications, and transaction information made through Our services, as well as information collected by cookies.

Use of Personal Data

Your personal information will be used to activate Your Hello Grahakk account and guarantee the proper performance of provided Services. The purpose of sharing Your personal data is to identify / verify, control, as well as detect, limit and manage user requirement.

We may disclose Your personal information to Our partner companies, to their and / or Our agents and / or service providers outside the country and / or within the country for the sole purpose of achieving the abovementioned purposes. All entities to whom the personal information will be disclosed have an obligation to protect the personal information disclosed by Hello Grahakk.

We may also disclose Your information to public authorities in accordance with applicable laws on the basis of a court order, a formal request, a relevant reference from a regulatory authority, and for the purposes set out in law.

If the collection of personal data is done by or through a third party, such as a merchant, advertising website or Hello Grahakk affiliate website, the collection and use of Your personal data may also be governed by a third party privacy policy.

For the purpose of verification, Your IP addresses as well as login times are recorded and stored to prevent fraudulent use and to ensure the security of Our services. We may also obtain information about Your use of and access to Hello Grahakk services, which may Allows us to prevent multiple attempts to open an account or other fraudulent attempts to prevent unauthorized access or misuse of Our systems. We may share such information with specialized and trusted fraud management services to assist us in analyzing this information and / or taking preventive measures.


We may also use cookies. A cookie is a short text file stored on Your hard drive by the webpage You visited. The text file contains the information and, among other purposes, is used to ensure the use of the relevant website by visitor.

The information obtained and stored through the cookie file may be compared with the personal data obtained and stored in Our system.

Cookies help Us to remember the Customer. When You enter a web page cookies are activated, and when You leave a web page it is automatically deactivated. It is possible not allow cookies on Your computer, but in this case You will not be able to visit all the pages of Our website.


Your personal data is processed and used for direct and indirect marketing purposes so that the Company can provide You with interesting offers, on the basis of which You will periodically receive information about products, services and news through informational messages, if You do not notice that You do not want to receive such messages. You can change Your opinion regarding the receipt / non-receipt of Our communications in accordance with the instructions in the Hello Grahakk Account section. Please note that You will still receive notifications about Your account, such as transaction emails or other messages related to the operation of Your account or Our legal relationship.


The Hello Grahakk website contains links to third party websites. Please be informed that Hello Grahakk is not responsible for the privacy policy of these third party websites.

We encourage Customers to read the privacy policy of each websites they visit from the link on Our website. This Privacy Policy applies only to the Hello Grahakk Website and Hello Grahakk Services.


Hello Grahakk protects Your personal data from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. From the moment You use Your Hello Grahakk account, all Internet communications are protected. However, such a high level of protection is only effective if You adhere to safety standards. You shall not share Your account details with anyone else. If You suspect that the privacy of any of Your requisites required to log in to the Hello Grahakk system has been compromised, You shall change this information at any time You want by signing in to Your Hello Grahakk account. You should also contact Our customer service immediately and let us know the reason why You think Your account is under threat.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Changes to the Privacy Policy will be published on Our website. You are obliged to read the updated versions of the Privacy Policy published on the Hello Grahakk website.

The use of Your personal data on a basis other than provided by this Privacy Policy may only be made with the consent of the Customer.

Hello Grahakk is obliged to keep all kinds of information obtained about the Customers, as well as the documents related to the Customer’s account and correspondence for at least 5 years after the termination of the business relationship or the conclusion of transaction. We may store Your personal information for more than 5 years if it cannot be deleted for legal or regulatory reasons.

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